Audit & Assurance Services

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Audit & Assurance work is a specialised branch of accounting, and requires an in depth knowledge of risk assessment and assurance methodology.

O'Regan & Partners offers independent audit services designed to help enhance the reliability of information prepared for use by management, creditors and other stakeholders in accordance with statutory requirements.

Our experienced audit team's independent audit & assurance processes can be employed to:

  • enhance the credibility of your organisation's financial statements,
  • review systems of internal control,
  • assess assurance and compliance with various legislative or contractual obligations,
  • express an opinion on financial statements, or
  • certify that your organisation's grant funds have been acquitted in agreement with funding obligations

The audit & assurance services categories include:

  1. External Audit
    • Financial Information audit & assurance
    • Non-financial data Audit & Assurance.
  2. Internal Audit

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