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Do you want MORE control 'in' and 'away' from your business?

Current economic uncertainty has caused many business owners to focus on their business to secure their future. We offer you quality materials, tools and proven programs to help grow your business profitably. These programs will provide you with:

  • A plan for sales and profit growth as well as succession
  • An assessment of your business and businesses life to give you a clear understanding of where you are, where you want to go and finally how to get there
  • A plan that gives you a sell down strategy, provides new awareness with opportunity to bring into the business a structured basis that minimises risk and ensures that the business transactions to its next phase.

Peace of Mind

O'Regan Accountants is an advice business. We specialise in advising small to medium enterprises ('SME'). We are the most trusted advisors for our valued clients and are responsible for managing all their personal, family and business affairs.

All our staff are 100 percent committed to providing innovative business and financial solutions to SMEs so you can achieve success. We work together with our professional partners so you can receive the highest quality business and financial advice.

Success Requires Planning!

We encourage you to take the FIRST step in developing a plan for your future success. Simply download two fantastic articles and case studies below, they're absolutely free. These great resources will provide valuable insights to profitable growth and succession planning for your business.

Your free articles:

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Create a more certain future for your farm and family using our end-to-end solution for farm growth, improvement and succession.

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Business Growth & Exit

Build real value in your business for the long term with our proven tools while also considering exit strategies to suit your business.

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Business Valuations

Our unique valuation model will value your existing business and identify opportunities to maximise future business value

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