Accountancy & Tax Compliance

Your Business Tax Return

Successfully managing the financial and tax obligations of a business is complex and time consuming. And the consequences for getting it wrong far-reaching.

O'Regan & Partners provides professional accountancy and taxation advice and support to businesses in regional and remote Queensland. We understand the challenges of doing business in a regional setting because this is where we live and work.

We provide a range of business services to assist your in managing the compliance requirements of your business including:

  • GST Advice and Compliance
  • Preparation of Income Tax Returns
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculations
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Calculations and Returns
  • Payroll Tax Reporting

Whether you trade as a sole trader, through a partnership, trust or company our professional staff will provide timely and expert guidance to your business.

Your Personal Income Tax Return

The rules governing personal income tax in Australia are complicated and subject to frequent change. Our qualified accountants are fully versed in the latest developments but more importantly, understand the impact any changes will have on your personal circumstances.

Personal Taxation Services:

  • Salary packaging advice to minimise taxable income.
  • Tax deferral advice.
  • Advice on maximising investment dividend rebates.

To get the most from your consultation, we have created a Personal Taxation Checklist which lists everything you need to bring to your appointment.

  • All group certificates for the financial year's tax returns are to be prepared for.
  • Share Information - any sold or purchased.
  • Private Health Insurance and Private Health Statements of Fees paid for Health care.
  • Rental Property Details - Income statements, bank statements, expenses incurred by the properties.
  • Dividend Statements/Managed Funds - Annual Statements, share dividend payment information.
  • Receipts for Work Related Expenses.
  • Loan Statements - If they relate to investments such as share portfolios or a mortgage on a rental property.
  • HECS/HELP and Other Student Loans.
  • Depreciation Schedules for Current or Previous Years - If completed by another accountancy firm.
  • Details of any other income or specific work related expenses.

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