Business Succession and Exit

57% of business owners are expected to retire in the next 10 years - if you're one of them, you'll be trying to sell your business in a buyer's market. We want you to be armed with all the facts on business succession planning from the experts.

Succession Planning

Most businesses do not have a documented Succession Plan and the business owners do not usually seek advice on this process.

Unfortunately this often means they often walk away with a lot less than they could have, if they had prepared the business properly prior to sale.

Our aim is to ensure an orderly transition of business ownership and control, while retaining and maximising the value of your business at the same time.

A good plan should

  • safeguard all parties and reduce potential for dispute
  • enable continuing owners to purchase the remainder of the business at a fair price
  • ensure business continuity
  • set up funding mechanisms for a potential payout
  • provide a degree of financial security and stability for continuing owners.

Business Exit

There are many options for retiring/exiting business owners in number, combination and complexity.

Most business owners do not plan for this as well as they could, and not because they don't want to - poor preparation occurs primarily when business owners do not know which direction to take or what they must do… but mostly because they simply do not ask.

Factors to consider

  • Exit strategies - timing, type and valuation
  • Management of risks with proposed charge
  • Consideration of options for exit
  • Future ownership and structure
  • Taxation and estate considerations
  • Implementation of agreed strategy

Key questions to ask yourself before selling:

Can you afford to sell?

You should have a clear idea about what the business value needs to be at time of sale. If there is a shortfall between the value of your business today and what it needs to be at the time of sale, you need to know what this is.

Is business ready for sale?

You will need to identify your particular key business drivers and ensure they are addressed to maximize the sale value. (We have a "Planning and Sale Checklist" to help with this.)

Take action!

Through our Bstar alliance partnership, O'Regan & Partners has a wealth of information on succession planning, valuing and selling your business, value gap, and retaining and motivating staff (including Generation Y).

As a valued client, we also offer you access to new learning materials to support you through this preparation process.

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